Sunday, April 29, 2012

        Our adventure this week was a trip to New Bern, NC for a church meeting and our newest calling - to teach Institute this summer.  We went a little early to look around and  LOVED what we saw.  This area was founded by Swiss colonists- naming it for Bern, Switzerland.  There is a lot of history here.  There's a place where the Civil War was fought, beautiful historical buildings, and the Tyron Palace Complex where the governor lived in Colonial times - so we really want to come back again and take a tour.  Young singles from our branch live here and travel to church weekly.  This is a picture of the bridge we crossed coming here. (The bridge is much longer.)

        We had fun finding bears throughout the city.  Each one was painted differently. (Cute one on right belongs to me.)
       For you Pepsi fans, this is the pharmacy where Pepsi-Cola was created.  It was first called "Brad's Drink."   Wish I could show you more of this beautiful place.   It felt like a mini vacation to us and became our date night for the week.

       Our evening ended with a wonderful fresh fish dinner and hush puppies before traveling home.  Hope you had a great week last week.  Thanks again for your assistance, letters and prayers.  We love you!!!!!

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  1. Your post took me back to when I went to Bern Switzerland many years ago and the bear pits they have there with live bears. It too was a beautiful place. You are really having an adventure. We pray for your success and happiness. Love you. Carol