Sunday, April 8, 2012

      We had another WONDERFUL WEEK beginning with General Conference.  Hope that you enjoyed it also.  It was a little different viewing from the Church but we enjoy being with the other missionaries. 

        We did some service projects this week too.  This is a BEAUTIFUL place,  so why do people throw trash from their cars?  We decided to pick up the trash on the way home from our walk not knowing how we would get it all home.  We prayed to be able to find some grocery sacks along the way and as we walked, we found sack after sack until we had six sacks filled.

      We went with the Sisters to wash the cars of an investigator.  It was fun!  He bar-be-cued two whole chickens.  How kind!  FINGER LICKING GOOD!!   He even came to church today and we were so happy to see him.

       Thursday night was special to us when we found someone we could help.  As we went around dropping off  our usual "come to church invitations", we found a girl who was unable to go home for the long Easter weekend.  So we have been getting to know her better for the past couple of days.  It teaches me that Heavenly Father truly loves us and is mindful of everyone and their needs.

        It was the Sisters and Missionary couples day at the Raleigh Temple with our Mission President and Sister Cotterell.  What a wonderful day!  We felt like we were glimpsing into heaven.  We love our Mission President and his wife.  I think Elder Myers favorite thing is when Pres. Cotterell counsels me to "Have Fun!"  I'm working on it.   Hope you had a Happy Easter!!  Thank you again for all you do for us.


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  1. Sounds like things are going good for you and I agree with the mission president Jan...have fun! Hope you had a good Easter day. We did...we all the family here today....such a good day...we miss you guys and are so happy that you are working hard...serving Heavenly Father...we love and miss you.
    Alan and Sandy and Family!