Monday, October 29, 2012

            Well, we were having some technical difficulties (us) but here we are again thanks to our technical support (Jared).

             We have been enjoying some wonderful fall weather!  The leaves were turning red.  People were placing beautiful yellow, orange and purple mum plants with pumpkins and other Halloween decorations along their walkways, and on porches. 

     Looking so ready for Halloween! 


            We loved the pumpkin lots on the corners.  We guess there were over 100 pumpkins at this patch which was there for several weeks.  We watched families come and pick out their pumpkins to carve as we drove by in our car.  So fun!!
           We even took a little hike at Green Springs Park along the Tar River with the Sisters on Preparation Day.  Had fun skipping rocks and visiting with other hikers.  We call it hike but it's more like a walk.  There are no mountains here - but it is out in nature and it's the closest we want to get to the woods. (mosquitoes, ticks, and spiders Oh my!)
          Then along came our first tropical storm / "Hurricane Sandy" and changed things around pretty quickly.  It has been cloudy, rainy, windy and colder.  Even though it is a weak Hurricane in our area, it affected our meetings on Sunday.  Greenville was the only place that Church was held in our stake and the attendance was down as the youth were advised not to drive here if there was flooding or danger in their areas.  (Our stake reaches the outer banks of North Carolina.) 
         Life is good though.  Tonight we have a Halloween Party - Family Home Evening in Ayden at the Starne's home.  We, like the other missionaries will swap name tags for our costumes.

            Congratulations to David (our grandson) who got his mission call to Brisbane, Australia - leaving Feb. 27th - one year to the day we left on our mission.  Congratulations to the new babies born to our family.  We loved seeing their cute pictures on Facebook.  To those of you who are ill, in the hospital, or home recovering, we hope that you are doing better.  We pray for you.  We love you all.  Thanks for watching our home, writing, praying and supporting us on this mission.  

          The gospel is true!  We who are members of this, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are SO BLESSED!    Take care!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello family, friends and loved ones,

          We are so blessed to have a Temple in our mission.  We spent another wonderful day at the temple with all the Sisters in the mission, the Couple Missionaries and President and Sister Bernhisel.  We all went over to the Mission Home for lunch together afterwards.

        A few of the couples who attended the Raleigh Temple, Elder and Sister Johnson, Pres. and Sister Bernhisel, Elder and Sister Myers and Elder and Sister Davenport.  There is nothing like a missionary session at the Temple.  The Spirit is here in great abundance.
      This is Sister Carmen who brings us and the Sisters to the Temple each time we make this special trip.  The Sister Missionaries live with her.
          Because transfers were coming up, the Elders, including the Washington Elders, came over for another fun preparation day - this time it was Basketball, barbeque steaks and funeral potatoes.  "Getting together" for the picture on the couch is another creative moment with the Elders.                                                                                                                                We are now the Washington District since our new District Leader is assigned there.  The Sisters came over later - we plan to go hiking with them next week.
Our wonderful district has some exactly obedient Elders and Sisters who serve here.
The Greenville District including our Zone leaders 
       It is football season again!  Purple and gold is coming out everywhere.  This classy cow, showing the Pirate spirit is found at the bank.

 We went to the NC Tar Heels vs the Idaho Vandals game with the Couple Missionaries in a downpour.  Some of us went to the Institute while the men went to the game.  pict.-   Elder and Sis. Yerkes, Elder and Sister Davenport and Elder and Sister Myers.      The real excitement of the day came on our way home when our phone sounded a warning and read "Imminent Threat!  You are in the area of a Tornado.  Take cover immediately."  Elder Myers wouldn't pull over - we made it home.   Whew! - another miracle!

We hope that you enjoy watching General Conference tomorrow.  We are looking forward to hearing from the Lord's Prophet and Apostles.  How blessed we are in this Church!!    Thank you again for supporting us on this mission.  Our hearts are with you, we pray for you and appreciate all you do in our behalf.  Take care!