Wednesday, September 19, 2012


          We hope that everyone is doing well! 

          We had another great week of sharing the gospel and our testimony with others.  We have been out with the Elders and Sisters, and up on campus with our friend, James.
 Another squirrel picture from up on the ECU campus.  They are so fun to watch!  Sister Tillman got this squirrel to come up close by feeding him crackers.

            One afternoon as we were having the oil changed in our car, a young man approached us.  He is in his 3rd year of Medical School and works in trauma surgery.  At the time,  I was reading an article by Elder Eyring about sharing the gospel and I knew before I finished the article that I had to talk with him.  Johnny is meeting with us on Saturday and we are so excited to share the gospel with him.

          We had a special visit with Lindsey and Adam (our niece's daughter).  They drove down on Friday night from Virginia Beach and it was wonderful to have family with us.  We had a fun evening and the next morning we drove to Apex, to the Raleigh Temple where we went  
through two sessions. 

          Adam and Lindsey were great sports as they accompanied us to our Sunday meetings and missionary lessons.

           Another miracle occurred because of their visit.  On Monday night, a lady from Virginia called the Sister Missionaries here in Greenville, and wanted to receive a Book of Mormon.  We called Lindsey and found out that Adam is assigned to the same ship that she is on. 
          What are the chances that with all of the Military Bases there in Virginia that she would work on the very same ship.  We were able to give  him all of her information and he will soon deliver the Book of Mormon to her in person.  (Adam has a calling as a ward missionary.)

This is the four of us outside the Raleigh Temple.

          I got Roger to stop the car while we were out with the Elders so that I could take a picture of cotton growing in the fields.  Those are soft cotton balls.  They tell us that when the cotton is ripe, the fields will look white from all the cotton.  Can't wait to see it.

     Got to go now, the Sisters are coming over to help us make "Pigs in the Blanket" for Institute tonight.  We are being blessed as we work with our youth.  We love you all,  You are in our thoughts and prayers always. Keep reading your Book of Mormon daily and saying your prayers.  Thank you for all of your prayers and support in our behalf.  Take care and stay well.

Monday, September 10, 2012

          We are having beautiful weather these last two days!  It was nice to leave our windows open to enjoy the breeze and air out our apartment.

          Yesterday we had a wonderful event in our mission!  We went on the ECU campus and held our first Sunday Night Prayer Meeting!  We are excited to see this grow larger and to see the students from the Branch grow closer together and stronger in the gospel.  We also went to Pres. Rappleyea's home afterwards to watch the CES Broadcast with Elder Holland.  Hope you have a chance to watch it.

  On Aug. 25th we went with our Branch to Emerald Isle.  What a beautiful place!  We really had fun!  Elder Myers played corn hole and we got caught in a couple of waves, found seashells and sand fleas.  We're enjoying our last walk on the beach at sunset.  


       This picture has some of our Branch members.  We love them a lot!  The beach house behind us belongs to a branch member's family and it was sooo nice!  In my next life, I want  . . . .

          Here are two Elders we go out with to teach investigators.  We have some very dedicated missionaries in our mission.  You can tell that we are in Greenville by the Pirate.  This one is at the Convention Center.  Almost everyone has a pirate sticker on their car and we see lots of purple and gold flags, shirts, wreaths on doors, and even flowers. We have never seen so much school spirit.  They say,"Pirates for Life."

          On the way to our last Zone Meeting in New Bern we were stopped on the bridge to let the small boat on the right pass through.  It was interesting to watch the bridge come up - a new experience for us.

            It's always fun to find a new place to eat out while we are in New Bern.  This time we tried  "The Cow Cafe" with our sister missionaries.  Great ice cream!

          Our Institute is still growing.  We had 28 youth and 4 adults.  Bro. Day, our teacher  is very good!  We are enjoying the New Testament which is very meaningful to us since our trip to Israel.  This was the get-acquainted game afterwards. 
          Time to sign off.  We love you so much!   You are very important to us and we appreciate your love and support.  Take care!