Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello everyone!  We are still alive!  One of the highlights we experienced lately was a Zone Activity Training Day in Kinston.  We were in training all morning and then everyone changed into their activity clothes.  Elder Myers had fun playing some volleyball.  Our shirts say, "Then I saw a pillar of LIGHT" on the back.  We also had our first "pig pickin" with the vinegar barbeque sauce, hush puppies and all the works - SO GOOD!!!! 

     On Saturday morning we drove out to a  farm near Ayden, where there were lots of chickens, calves, pigs, goats and several acres of strawberry plants.  Wow, I have never seen so many strawberries!  There were lots people out picking that morning and there were still tons of berries left in the fields.  We picked a little tray full and came home.  We found that we had SO MANY berries, we made strawberry jam for us and our neighbors.  Elder Myers didn't feel too badly about that since his only bottle of jam ran out a long time ago.   Don't you think this strawberry looks like an eagle?


      Following President Cotterell's suggestion to have fun and get to know the area better, we then went to a Pirate Fest in downtown Greenville near ECU campus.  Saw lots of exciting pirates, ate kettle corn while walking through their market and took a ride on a trolley car where we learned about the early history of Greenville.  It was very interesting to us and we have a new appreciation of beautiful Greenville.

       Then it was "Break the Fast" on Sunday.  My texting is really improving  - not as fast as the kids can text, but I have it down to two hours when contacting the kids in the branch who volunteered to help out.  Because I was given this assignment with 5 min. notice, the only meal I could think of was the Funeral Luncheon.  So that's what we had -  ham, salad, rolls, dessert and funeral potatoes - you know the meal.  Funeral potatoes was a new thing for the kids.  Can you believe it -it was the first time some had ever tasted them.  Good thing I left off the green jello.   :)

   Our very sad news is that the Sister missionaries in our area were transferred and one went home.  We cried.  :(   We will miss them A LOT!  Heavenly Father gave us some very special sisters to help us get started on our mission. 

       Today, we have decided that we will survive as we have met the new Sisters and Elders.  They are great!  Yes, we are still helping with discussions, visiting the YSA's and our other callings.  These are just a few of our other adventures.  Please pray for someone's "get-along".   It's slowing us down a bit even though he is exercising everyday.  We appreciate and love each one of you.   Thanks for you continued help, love and prayers in our behalf. 

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