Monday, May 7, 2012

 Another week has gone by quickly.  The weather here has been pretty nice.  We thought a couple of days were WARM but they tell us we don't know what WARM IS yet.    Thought I'd send a picture of where we live.  We are grateful to have such a nice place.

With the warmer days, we are getting to know some critters.  I had a close encounter with a MONSTER SPIDER in the middle of the night.  I couldn't scrub off the feel of stepping on him.  Thank goodness Elder Myers was here to the rescue.  Hope we didn't wake the people upstairs. 

         We took a picture of this cutie at the Church  for our grandsons to enjoy.   And now thanks to Sharon, we have applied an extra layer of "Defense" around our house and had the bug man over twice.

     We enjoyed another wonderful day at the Raleigh Temple and a trip to the Raleigh Institute where we learned more about our new calling.

     Our Branch is really changing now.  Some kids are going home for the summer and some others are coming here.  We have some GREAT kids in our Singles Branch.  Next Sunday will be interesting.  It's Mother's Day (Happy Mother's Day to you Mom's) and the attendance will be SO small, we have been told that we will have Sacrament Meeting with the 1st ward and the rest of the block in the Bishop's office.

   We took this picture of a Magnolia on our walk to share with you.  They are so BIG and beautiful!!
        We'd like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Bill & Gaylynne, Weston & Maren on their marriages and Lindsey & Adam on their Temple Sealing.  We wish you the best!  We're happy for all the new babies, Nixon, Benson & Boston!  Wish we could be there to support you in your school plays, programs, summer sports and High School Graduation, David.  We are also saddened by the death of Stacey Gordon. 
     You are always in our thoughts and prayers.  We love you very much, and as always appreciate all that you do for us while we are here!   Take care!

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