Monday, May 14, 2012

     Another great week!  Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes and surprises!!  Our family is really being blessed!

     On Friday and Saturday, we enjoyed a Couples Retreat with our Mission President and Sister Cotterell, sisters from the office, and all couple missionaries in our Mission.  Highlights included a trip to an aquarium, dinner and a special testimony meeting in Morehead, City.  It was soooo good to be with them.

    Next, morning we were on our way to Harker's Island where we took El's Local Yokel Ferry over the Sound to the Outer Banks.  We passed  Shackleford Banks with it's wild horses, and enjoyed some time at Cape Lookout Lighthouse. The day markings on this lighthouse are a diamond pattern - they create a compass.  Black diamonds for North and South and White for East and West. 
       We caught a wave from the Atlantic Ocean - or rather it caught us by surprise,  gathered some sea shells and returned back to Harkers Island.  The Relief Society fixed us a very nice luncheon after which  Elder Best told us the history of the Island.  When the missionaries first came, another religion burned down our Church house, the school house was burned next, and the missionaries were driven off the island.  But the members living on the island remained strong and faithful and now today they are very numerous, and a great strength to our stake. 

     We know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true.  We love our Savior, Jesus Christ very much and are grateful for the Atonement.  The Book of Mormon testifies of our Savior and we will draw nearer to Him as we study from it's pages daily.  Thank you for your prayers, kindness, and upkeep of our house.  I hear good things about the yard from everyone.  We love you all,  Elder and Sister Myers

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