Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June's Fun

Hello again,
Just wanted to share some pictures from last month.  It was a month of "Goodbyes" to many dear friends we have served with in the North Carolina Raleigh Mission.

           Elder B. Jensen, was our District Leader and we were sad when he went to Goldsborough, but happy that he came to the new mission with us.

We enjoyed Elder Dewey while he served here  Now, we have Elder S. Jensen as our new District Leader
This little turtle tried to bite us while we (us and the Sisters) were trying to save him from getting  run over by cars near the highway.

 These wonderful Sisters -Vasquez and Hoyt are the ones which we are currently having a GREAT TIME!  This picture says it all.  You can see how FUN it really is!! 

 We took this picture at our Zone Conference in June.  We were so happy to have 12 sisters!
back row:  Sisters Jacobson, Tillman, Griffin, Bouldin, Pace, Hoyt, Eide. front row:  Sisters: Eades, Jones  Nielson, Vazquez, Smith and Myers.  They are so great!
In the month of June, our Kinston Stake puts on the Promised Land Pageant at the Ormond Amphitheatre in Bath, NC and they do a wonderful job!!  The couple missionaries came again this year to enjoy it. This is a picture of the boat ride from the Eustarium Center in Washington, NC that we took while enjoying the Pamlico and Tar Rivers in the morning.  

Elder and Sister Johnson,  Elder and Sister Davenport.  Below Sister Burdick, Elder and Sister Heidenreich.


   Elder and Sister Myers and Sister Fitzgerald below.  Lucky us, it wasn't raining at this time of the day.  We saw lots of turtles along the way.
 Our group picture was taken in Bath,NC at Bonner's Point along the Pamlico River.  Bath is the oldest city in NC.  We enjoyed the Visitors Center with it's historical video and learned about Black Beard the Pirate. We visited the St. Thomas Church built in 1734 and the Pirates Treasure store before the Pageant began.    We have had some unforgetable times with these great missionaries and some others that have finished their mission and gone home.
 Below is the Zone Meeting in Harker's Island.  It was a farewell meeting for the Elders and Sisters serving in  the Kinston Zone to say goodbye to President and Sister Bernhisel.  We are so thankful for the time we have had with them in the North Carolina Raleigh Mission!  We love them!
Today was history - a new beginnning for us as we are in one of the newly created missions!  It is so exciting to serve at the time when the Lord is hastening his work.  We traveled to Virginia today to meet our new President and his wife, and were so happy to look around and see the missionaries we knew that had transferred with us.  The Gospel is true!  Jesus Christ leads His Church and you can see his hand in the way the missionary work is moving forward.  We feel so blessed to be able to serve the Lord.  Thank you so much at home for helping to make this possible, by watching our house, taking care of each other and supporting us through your prayers.  We love you all. You're in our prayers always.  Take care

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