Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hey, Y'all,

          Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday.  We sure did!   It was sooo GOOD to see everyone!  President Bernhisel gave permission last week for the missionaries to skype their families on Mother's Day and we loved every minute of it.  Most everyone seems to be growing taller except us but we're making up for it in other ways - thanks to some delicious Southern Cooking that we've enjoyed.  Brother Walker had us and the Sisters over for dinner after church in Kinston.

          Last week was great!!!  We took a trip to the Raleigh Temple.  We love going to the Temple and are so blessed to have one in our Mission.  It brings us closer to our Savior and gives us the peace and strength we need to carry on.   Thanks everyone for remembering my birthday.  I love you all so much and feel very grateful to have you in my life!
Sister Burdick in the left picture,  Elder Heindrick, Sister Burdick, Sister Fitzgerald and Sister Davenport.  
Sister Fitzgerald below, she replaced Sister Arkell in the office.  We really loved her and are happy to get to know Sister Fitzgerald.

             This special trip with the Couple Missionaries took us to Duke University to walk around and enjoy the Sara P. Duke Gardens.
Walking on campus with Elder Myers are Elder and Sister Heindrick who replaced Elder and Sister Yerkes as CES missionaries at the Duke University Institute.
          In the library, we got to see one of the first printed copies of the Book of Mormon.  It was a special treat for us to be able to look through it's pages and read from it.  Elder Heindrick was a librarian and it was very interesting to hear him share his knowledge about the miracles that occured in order for us to enjoy the Book of Mormon today.  Also pictured are Sister Fitzgerald, Elder Myers and Sister Burdick.

The Book of Mormon is nearly 200 years old.  It has stood the test of time.  This book is true.  Please keep reading from it's pages and praying for your own testimony.  Heavenly Father will answer your prayers as He has for us.  We enjoy reading from it daily and the warm feeling we get as we read. We love you!  Take care!

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