Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Virginia Chesapeake Mission

As you probably know, we are now the Virginia Chesapeake Mission.  It is so EXCITING to be here with all the new missionaries and see the Lord's hand in hastening His work!  

                   We are now 2 1/2 hours drive away from our mission headquarters.  And along the way these are some of the sights we saw.

This was our last Zone Meeting in Kinston before transfers came 1 week later.  Greenville District

Havelock District?                                                                                      Kinston District

Taken after our Zone Meeting in New Bern

This time, transfers took Elder Balaich (on r) and next time will take Elder Elkin.  Our sisters moved to Virginia also.  Sister Hoyt, Elder Myers, Sister Vazquez and Sister Landon (from Wilson)

 We were happy to find Sister Smith (r) and Sister Eide at the Meeting.  Our new Sisters are Sister Roberts in her last area and SisterQuiroz in her first - fresh from the MTC

 We have been able to go to the Raleigh Temple several times. Once with the Couple Missionaries from our Raleigh Mission, with Jordan who will be leaving in August for her mission to Las Vegas, NV, and with Cheryl and James who will be married this next week in the Washington DC Temple.  Our youth are so strong.  They have such wonderful testimonies.

On our last preparation day, we took the Sisters to River Park North for the famous hike with a picnic at Town Commons on the Bridge - somethings don't change.  But these are places we love and trying to find turtles, deer and birds is fun for us.  These pictures are for grandchildren with sharp eyes.  Can you find the birds hidden in the pictures?

         There are many miracles around us!  Our testimonies have really grown and each day there is another wonderful truth we learn about the Gospel of Jesus Christ as we share it with others.  We love the people in our Branch, the wards, the missionaries we have known, and are serving with now.  We know that as you share your testimony with those around you, it too will grow stronger and you like us, will learn just how blessed we are to be a member of Christ's church once again restored to the earth.

     We love each of you.  We thank you for your prayers and support of us on this mission.  We will always treasure the time we have spent here and the things we have learned.   Take care!

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