Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hello wonderful family, friends and loved ones.

          This was our Thanksgiving Day!  We were fed such a DELICIOUS DINNER at the home of Lannie (Laney) and Canary.  We have never had so many dishes to choose from.  There was fried chicken, barbecue pork, turkey and stuffing, sweet potatoes, cold slaw, collards, gravy, macaroni and cheese, green beans, hush puppies, dinner rolls, sweet potato pie, banana pudden and a 3 layer pineapple cake. (I hope I remembered it all.)  We tried the Southern delicacy of collards for the first time.

         Our service project last week - doesn't it look FUN!  Elder Perryman and Elder Dewey (fresh from the MTC) helped rake the leaves.  Doesn't the pile look tempting to run and jump into.

          This coffee pot sits on our kitchen table as a reminder of the changes that need to be made in our lives in order to draw nearer to our Savior.  You probably recognize the scripture from Alma 22:18. We have been working with an investigator who is giving up smoking and drinking coffee.  We pray for her and listen to her as she struggles to overcome her addiction.  Change isn't easy even with the no-fail cinnamon, grapefruit, vit. C, 15 step plan. So far - she has gone two weeks but it still is an everyday battle.  It is the same with our weakness.  It will take a lifetime of daily constant work to overcome our challenges and then only with our Savior's help.

             Our Christmas Zone Conference.  Sister Oliverson, and Sister Bateman are going home on Dec. 18th  - our next transfer date.  They have served well and we will miss them lots.  Next in line are Sister Bouldin, Sister Tillman and Sister Brown.  We hope to have Sister missionaries back in Greenville by February or sooner.
The Elders serving now in Greenville.  Elder McHan, Elder Mortenson, Elder Perryman, and Elder Dewey.  We have really enjoyed going out with them to teach investigators.  They were GREAT singers at the Conference.

We hope that you are enjoying this Christmas season.  We want to encourage you to go to mormon.org/christmas where you can download FREE Christmas music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir,  Bible videos, e-cards and Bibles.  Our mission is the number one Media Referral mission and we are working to get the news out about this WONDERFUL GIFT from our Church.  We are excited!!!  As with any good thing though - this offer ends on Dec. 28th - so don't procrastinate.  Pass the word along to EVERYONE!

Please keep reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday.  It will make all the difference in your lives.  We love you.  Love talking to you, your letters, e-mails, your constant help and your support.  You're the BEST!  Take care!

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