Friday, November 16, 2012

        We had our first District Meeting in Washington, NC on Halloween.  What a surprise! - the church house was all decorated up for a Halloween party.

 Afterwards, we walked by the Pamlico River.
  It is a beautiful place!
We also visited the Eustuarium
and got a couple of contacts.    

      The art work we are standing in front of is made
completely from things found in the Pamlico River.  This is a place where fresh water meets the salt water of the ocean and because of this, there are lots of different kinds of sea life and plants.

          Having received the sad news from President Bernhisel that the Sisters were transferring from our area, we were given permission to take them to see the city of Washington, NC and Bath, NC on our next Preparation Day.

           This transfer, due to a shortage of Sisters in our mission, we said, "goodbye" to both Sisters who are now serving as a trio in Dunn, NC.  Also transferred were three Elders, however two of them will remain in our Zone.  We now have three new Elders in our District and are enjoying getting to know them.

             Last night on Campus as we met with a less active member, we learned an important lesson about staying strong in the Gospel and of bearing your testimony to your children.   To quote a neighbor not of our faith,  "A person without a knowledge of God is a very lost soul."  That is true.  Our less active friend is now going to read the Book of Mormon.  We are praying for him to learn that God is our Heavenly Father and that He knows us personally.  He loves us more than we can comprehend and wants us to be happy.  What a comfort and joy to have this truth in our lives.

          We are so blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to have a wonderful family, great friends and loved ones.  Thanks for everything you do to support us and keep us on our mission.  We love you and wish you a The Best Thanksgiving Ever!

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