Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time for New Year's Resolutions - Don't put off the Blog

          We had a wonderful Christmas as we hope you did too!!!  Thank you so much for your Christmas cards and gifts.  We had fun opening up the 12 Days of Christmas - Thanks Gaylynne and Bill.

        Transfers came the week before Christmas.  This was our last Zone Conference with Elder McHan and our District leader Elder Fuhriman.  So sad to see them go.  They are terrific missionaries!

       Our new District leader is Elder Mortensen and we also got two sister missionaries back in our District - Sis. Tillman and Sis. McPherson.  Yea!
We were surprised to find this place for people who love their dogs!

            We saw lots of wreaths in windows and on doors of homes and churches - even our Church had wreathes on all its doors.  We've seen lots of candles in the windows too. 

          Have always wanted a Joshua Tree but never had time to sew one.  So as we drove around, I cut out the pictures from pass-a-long cards to show Jesus' life.  Covered candy canes became the shepherd's staff and a shiny star on top was also a symbol for Christ.  The shiny balls on the tree didn't fit our Christmas message about Christ, so one rainy day on the way home from Zone meeting, we stopped and gathered some cotton left in the fields after it was harvested.  I loved it because it was bumpy.  We dried it out and made our lambs with it.
        During the holiday, we saw a new version of Santa in a fish-filled aquarium.  He took Christmas wish orders while the mermaids swam around, and gave out wishing wands.  We missed the parade of boats with their Christmas lights - but saw a few decorated cars. 

      On Christmas Eve, the Elders and Sisters came over and baked cookies, ate dinner, went Christmas caroling, told about their family's traditions at home and of course we watched Luke 2 (my favorite).                

      Jordan Harrell and Sis. McPherson making cookies.
 David Callaway and Sis. Tillman preparing the dinner.                                                                                

Elder Perryman and Elder Dewey serving in the Greenville 2nd ward.
 David with Elder Mortensen and Elder Balaich serving in the Greenville 1st ward.
Leaving to go Christmas caroling, myself, Sis. McPherson, Jordan and Sis. Tillman.

                Christmas Day found us at Pres. David and Karen Walker's home.  They fixed a very delicious dinner, Sis. Walker shared her Christmas story and then passed out some gifts.  There were four very happy Elders as they unwrapped their new Nerf Guns with extra bullets.  They had a fun stop at the Church on the way home where they tried out their new gifts.  And you know the rest.  We got to call home!   Love you so much!

We  have some  EXTRA SPECIAL NEWS!!!!  On Dec. 29th another cute little dark-haired, baby girl entered our family.  Her name is Kately Veda Myers  - the daughter of Christopher and Christina.  We are so happy!!!  Got to see her on Google Chrome last night.

We feel very blessed.  The great work of spreading the gospel is continuing on.  Our District has always had such wonderful missionaries and the Lord is blessing us.

Love you all.  We appreciate all your prayers and support.  

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