Tuesday, August 7, 2012

          Seems like the time has really flown since we got back from Utah.  With a new Mission President come new changes.  We now meet once a month in New Bern in a  Zone Meeting and once a month in Kinston for a Zone Conference.  On the other weeks, we meet as a District.  These meetings are so great!  We really feel the Lord's spirit here while training to become better missionaries.

          We finished our last Institute lesson and Closing Social.  The Lord really blessed us as the attendance increased each time.  For the Closing Social, we held a Murder Mystery Dinner (Catered) and one student, a Drama teacher, loaned us the weapons (extra large size) for our table decorations and costumes  We had so many things - wigs, canes, fur coats, hats - you name it.  It was SOOOO  FUN!   And no one even guessed that it was from the Book of Mormon.

 Showing our age here with the Sister Missionaries.
          We've had lots of fun with the Couple missionaries as well.  We attended a Baseball game at Duke University where  Roger got the foul ball.  Our Mission President has a son-in-law who is one of the pitchers on the team. We also enjoyed a meal of Mongolian Stir fry.  Last week-end, Pres. and Sister Bernhisel invited the couples to a bar-be-que at the Mission home and then we enjoyed a session at the Raleigh Temple the next day.

            Greenville is still as beautiful as ever!! So many trees are in bloom everywhere - lots of  pinks, purples, white and reds.   And if we didn't already tell you, it really, really, really rains A LOT here.


         For the grand kids -we got a picture of a new friend we found one night hanging out with the roaches.
        The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true gospel here on the earth. Our Savior, Jesus Christ leads and directs His church.  We love seeing His hand in the work that we are doing.  We feel so blessed when all the pieces come together like many little miracles and we are able to find someone new (Keisha),  help teach a lesson (Jordan), give a Priesthood blessing (Sis. Best),  give a little service (Katie) or share a little love to someone lonely (Charlie).  This is a great work!  There is power in it and we feel so blessed that we can serve here.  Please help the missionaries in your area.  They need YOU - your prayers and referrals.  Thank you for all you do for us.  We love you!

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