Friday, August 24, 2012


       How are ya'll doing?  We hope all is well since we just saw pictures of the flooding in Huntington Canyon and in Enoch.  Hope your homes were safe Rog & Arlene, and Neil and family.
           We are still having many fun adventures here on our mission and just thought we'd send a few pictures.


Just came outside the door one day and these large mushrooms were everywhere!

          This day, we were on our way to meet a new investigator.  The picture was taken out the front window of our car.  We were pushing water as we drove slowly through the neighborhood.  With the water so deep, we were praying that we would make it there.  The white posts on each side of the street are mail boxes.  When we arrived, our license plate was bent up - sticking straight out,  and long pine needles were poking out  everywhere from the hood of the car.  This was a short storm too.  It really knows how to rain here!


       Our FAVORITE DISTRICT!!!  It was another fun preparation day with the Sisters and Elders over to play tennis, volleyball and to barbeque.  We really love these valiant missionaries! We have since gone through another transfer (sad) and now have a new Sister missionary and a new Elder from Gooding, Idaho.  (Good friends with our daughter, Kimberly's family).  The Elder - front and center is from Price, Utah.  What a small world!

This picture is of a machine harvesting the tobacco.  There are also fields of cotton, soy beans and corn.


        These sisters taught me how to make a "Banana Pudden"  It was a surprise for the Sister missionaries as transfers were coming in a few days and they had been wanting some "pudden." 


         Elder Myer's birthday cake - A TRIPLE LAYER CHOCOLATE CAKE!!  We also had a birthday dinner at the sister's house and this was Lannie's delicious creation!               We have such wonderful times as we meet with them and the Sister missionaries to talk about the gospel.

       Our Institute Opening Social  on Wednesday night.  This is the salty cupcake object lesson.  Guess which person got the only sweet one on the tray.  We have some great times with the members of our Young Singles Branch!  We have a Wonderful new teacher, Bro. Day and we look forward to learning about the New Testament.

Well this is the end of our slide show.  You can wake up now!   We think about your always.  We are so appreciative of your prayers and care of our home.  Each time we share about the Gospel of Jesus Christ our testimony grows stronger and we have a greater love for our Savior Jesus Christ.  We love you!  Take care! 

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