Friday, April 12, 2013

Hello Family and friends!           
           Hope that you are all doing well!  We are having a great time here on our mission and are enjoying Spring with all the blossoms. 
           The pollen has begun its annual visit.  Thank goodness we are not allergic to it like lots of people.  I think it is fun!  It looks like yellow chalk dust everywhere.  Elder Myers washed the pollen off our car one morning after our walk, just to find it looking exactly like it had before we washed it - only a couple hours later.  We had a wonderful rainstorm which helped the pollen situation today.  

          Our Super District plus one.  I guess once a member of the Greenville District always a member.  Elder Gibson joined us for our District picture (4th from right).  We love him too.  He feels related since he is from Price - so close to home.

          This picture was also taken at our Zone Meeting in New Bern.  Look how many sisters we have in our Zone.  We are so lucky to have served with five of them.   
     On April 5th,  the Sisters and Couple Missionaries went to the Raleigh Temple.  The picture below contains only half of the sisters in our mission.  We were in the second group and the session was completely full -quite a change from having only 12 sisters in our mission.  It's so exciting to experience the wave of missionaries coming to North Carolina.  

This was a GREAT DAY for us!!!!  Our LDSSA (Latter-day Saint Student Association) has been officially recognized on both Pitt CC and ECU campuses.  Here we are at Pitt CC's Spring Fling Festival.  Several students joined us in giving out copies of the Book of Mormon as well as our Institute pamphlets, brocheurs and pass-a-long cards.  We have several contacts to follow up with and teach the gospel.  Below are Sis. Vasquez, Sister Hoyt, Jordan Harrell, Aaron Jesmer and James Oliver.                                                                   Thanks for helping with the pictures Brittny.  :)

          Another hike into the Swamp with the Sisters as there isn't a lot to do here on preparation day.   We love the birds and the peaceful quiet of the Park.  This time we got all the way through the park because the water level was much lower.

Don't know what these flowers are but I sure like them.
           Yesterday was our Activity Zone Conference in Kinston with both Kinston and Goldsborough Zone Missionaries. It was a fun warm day to play outside.  Our blue shirts have "Scripture Power" written on the back.  It was a colorful day!  Most every district had their own colors and words.  New Bern District wore Piggly Wiggly shirts (A grocery store) - a must have on some missionaries lists.  

           Time to say, Goodbye!  Wish we could share more pictures - It is hard to choose.  Hope you enjoyed General Conference like we did!  We pray that you are all doing well.  We love you very much and are grateful for your prayers and support in our behalf.   Take care!!  

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