Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hello Y'All  
 March has been a good month and here are some highlights!
 A week ago went hiking with Sisters Smith and Tillman on preparation day knowing that we were coming up to transfers soon.  The weather was cold but we had a fun time anyway!  This is our usual picnic on the bridge (Town Commons) before going to River Park North. As the water was still high we were only able to walk half way through the park but we saw lots of awesome birds.

 This flower is a gardenia which bloomed all through the winter.

          Our next adventure was to Wilmington with the Couple Missionaries.  We toured the Poplar Grove Plantation which built in the 1800's.  It was a peanut plantation which hired 65 task slaves.  Their tenant houses were out back.  Our guide presented our tour as Harriet, a daughter of the Foy family who built the home.  We also enjoyed walking around the property and watching a weaving demonstration.  These people were very frugal people - they grew, and harvested everything including their salt for cooking.

                                        The tree on the right is Spanish Moss.   Lovely to look at but do not touch as it is full of ticks and chiggers.   
On the boardwalk at Wilmington by the ocean.  
Our Branch has been extremely blessed this month.  The first week,  Lauren was baptized.   She is a very sweet girl who is loved by everyone.  

         The second week was a day of baptisms in all three Greenville wards.  First we had a very special baptism for a lady named Trish who is fighting cancer.  We felt priviledged to get to know her as the Elders taught her.  The second ward then held a baptism for a young man and next our Branch had a baptism for Alicia.  Again we learned how much the gospel can change lives, and the miracles that happen as we follow our Savior, Jesus Christ.

          And finally this WAS our Greenville District before Tuesday.  We grow so close to the Elders and Sisters as we serve with them.  We love them so very much!  It is hard to have them transfer as they feel like our family here.  
         We have enjoyed doing service with Elder Perryman and Elder Dewey - from raking lawns,  putting in a toilet, to working at the Food Bank as well as singing with them in Lannie and Canary's home and Christmas Caroling.
          Elder Mortensen has been a wonderful district leader with his companion Elder Balaich.  We have enjoyed going out with them to teach lessons and singing with them as well at the Rest Home in Grifton.  We enjoyed Christmas with them also.

       The sisters have served with us in the Branch.  We have gone shopping for clothes, jewlery, traded hair cuts, hiked, gone to lunch, remodeled clothes, traveled to many meetings and have appreciated all their help fixing the food for Institute and Break the Fast too.

       And as these three missionaries move on, we know that we will learn to love Elder Jensen, our new district leader, Elder Jensen and Sister Hoyt as well. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is TRUE.  Miracles are happening here everyday and our Heavenly Father is preparing people to hear the gospel. This is a GREAT TIME in our Church's history to be a missionary!   In the Raleigh Mission we have grown from 12 sister missionaries to 31 in two transfers and are looking forward to more coming here soon.

     Thank you for reading your Book of Mormon and praying everyday.   We are so proud of you and the good things you are doing.  Thank you for your support and prayers.  We love you very much!!!  Take care.

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  1. I've been called to the Raleigh, NC mission and I report to the MTC on April 10th. I love reading your blog. It get's me so excited to serve!! Thank you for posting.

    -(Soon to be)Sister Spiel